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We all (hopefully) have a shelf that never runs out of unread books. And, well, my unread pile seems to just keep stacking up in a way that just couldn’t be considered healthy anymore. Reading in itself has always proven to be enough of a lure for me to read. However, recent observation has made me come to the conclusion that if I want to maintain a reasonable proportion between the amount of books I buy (and the frequency of my purchases) vis-a-vis the pace with which I go through them, I must commit myself to something more.

Hence the birth of this blog. We’ve all (surely) started blogs, most of which just faded away into the recesses of lost memories. And I must say, I have a fair — nay, completely unjustifiable amount of these forgettable forays into the world of online writing. But Getting Paged excites me more than all my innumerable blogs before.

Literature and literacy are the two things I will forever devote my life to.  I think  Myers couldn’t have chosen a better theme for his ambassadorship than “Reading is not optional.” I just cannot imagine not having books, and I know that it is in the best interest of all mankind if every child everywhere can experience that enjoyment of finding one’s self in the pages of a book. That’s something that never grows old.

Although made for me to go through my unread pile to keep up with my purchases, Getting Paged is a toast to the pleasure of knowing that there will always be another book to read. Here, I would like to share my enthusiasm for books by writing about my own reading experiences. I welcome all kinds of literature, but here we’ll be focusing on children’s literature,  which I think is the most significant of the literary categories* (that is if we should be categorizing at all). After all, one page (or for the Dahls and the Seusses and the Rowlings out there maybe even one line) is all it takes for a child to be hooked to a book and to reading forever.

I work for a children’s book publishing outfit in the Philippines, so there is definitely some bias there. This is also the reason there would be many references to the Philippine children’s book industry, and why I won’t be reviewing any Philippine publications. Like I said, there’s definitely some bias there.

** Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, please note that some of my links are Amazon affiliate links. So yes, I will sell my soul for free books. Forgive me?

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